Here we go!

Whhheeee… here we go! Blogging. Egad! I was speaking to a friend of mine. My current (sort of) employer, David Miller. David is going through a transition in his life… after co-starting a now successful software company he’s off to begin a new venture.

Me too, really. I’ve got my “day job,” which I really like… but I’m putting the pieces in place to transition over the next two years to my first love…  Acting. The first step is creating a Voice Over Career… another (related) dream of mine. I started out, many years ago, pursuing this path. Somewhere along the way my life took a different direction. But now, at 55 years old, I’m putting my feet back on the path.

Someone once said, “you’re never too old to be who you could have been.” Well… I’m going to put that to the test.

Back to my conversation with David, he’s started a Blog– to document this momentous transition in his life, and he encouraged me too to “start blogging.” My initial response was, “no… it takes me too long to write… not really my forte’.” “Nonsense” he said! “Dive in!”

So, here we go…

This will be the journey of a man that found himself at 55, divorced, with no children, and on a pathway he never anticipated or desired… finding his way back to a life and a community that he left long ago…

Oh, there will be twists and turns along the way I’m sure– but my goal is to keep my eye on the prize, and transition my life and career from a Director of Marketing and Sales Operations for a software company, to being a full-time, working artist as a Voice-Over talent and Actor!

Wish me luck!