Here are the “vitals.”

  • I’m 59 years old, divorced, and living in Monroe Township, NJ (formerly, Piermont, NY)

    My old headshot, from years ago

    Me, at 42

  • During the day, I work as an Account Manager for a software company based in Charlotte, NC, AvidXchange.
  • At night, I’m creating a new career for myself in Voice Overs and Acting

This is me, at 42, some 17 years ago.  I wish I could say I still had that much hair, and my beard was still dark… but, ahhh… I’ve earned my grey beard!

On my last birthday, in December, I turned 58.  A fine age.  I still have all my teeth (well… except one, that I had replaced by an implant 25 years ago… the result of boxing someone without a mouth guard!), most of my hair (still), and about 35 extra pounds… and glasses now, too.  But, aside from the additions and subtractions I still look pretty much the same.

Funny, I’ve had at least 5 distinctly separate lives in this journey, and I’m starting number 6!   Well… maybe it’s returning to #3, and “seeing it again, as if for the first time.”

Me at 58

Me at 58

I started out many years ago, after dropping out of a pre-med program at Rutgers in Camden, NJ (where I was a Fraternity Brother in Kappa Sigma Upsilon… known affectionately as Kazoo… a great, fun, but “fuzzily” remembered period of my life!), to pursue theater at Glassboro State College (now Rowen University).  I went there, after deciding that medicine wasn’t for me, because two years earlier in my senior year of high school I had a student teacher named Robert Hedges… although most people probably know him as “Juan Epstein” on the TV Show “Welcome Back Kotter.”

(Here’s another little segue… that’s where I met my first college sweetheart, Alice Stockton [now, Alice Stockton-Rossini on 1010 WINS in New York, for those of you in the Big Apple.  Alice and I were kind of like the “Burton and Taylor” of Glassboro State College for a few years in the late ’70’s– playing the leads in all the shows].  After Alice and I parted, Glassboro is also where I met my first wife, Merry.  She was a sweet girl.  Sadly, that marriage only lasted a year.)

From there, I went on tour for a year with the National Players (http://www.nationalplayers.org/) out of Catholic University in Washington, DC.

(I was on Tour #32, playing Caliban in the Tempest.  It was one of the fondest experiences of my life… and I’m still in touch with all the players in the Company.  We had a 30th reunion just last year in Maryland.  We were missing only one, Michael McLeester, who died from AIDS many years ago.)

Then, 3 years and an MFA in acting– from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, training with Bill Esper (http://esperstudio.com) and Katheryn Gately… followed by a short stint in New York, where I ruptured my Achilles Tendon on opening night of an off-off-Bway play– playing basketball (yes… opening nightwhat was I thinking!?)!  That’s where my life took a “hard right,” away from the Arts, and for the next 17 years I took over management of the company my mother founded when she was widowed at a young age with my two sisters, Barbara, Noreen, and me (that’s a story in itself!  I wish my mother, Ethel, were still around to have her own blog!).

Ethel, Barbara and I ran the business together until 1993 when my mother passed away.  Barbara (Bobbie) and I continued on, for another 9 years as the owners of Harris School of Business and Harris Employment Service. My sister Noreen had a separate life in Florida as a wife, mother and artist (http://www.deliberatecreations.us/) which has continued on with the creation of her own company.

Barbara and I eventually sold the businesses after I met Nancy B. on the internet.  She was an entrepreneur, attorney, music aficionado, and “coolest chick” around.  She lived in Boston.  I lived in southern New Jersey.  We had a whirlwind romance after 1st meeting on the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building (yes, yes… inspired by “An Affair to Remember.”  No… not “Sleepless in Seattle!”  Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr came first!  When we made the date, I remember telling Nancy to “be careful… and watch where you’re going!” :>)  ).  We married, and I moved to Boston to start a new life with her in 2001… that included her introducing me to my current employer (in my day job).

Sadly, our marriage didn’t work out, but I’m happy to say we still share a caring, loving relationship.

So… that is how I’ve arrived at this point in my life– at 55 years old.  If you’ve ever seen the movie “Cast Away,” with Tom Hanks… in the final scene, as the music swells, he finds himself at a crossroads (literally).  Serendipity and chance have brought him to a place he never could have anticipated or even imagined.

That is where I am.

Looking back… I’ve been a wrestler in high school and college, a certified scuba diver, a “printer” (as in off-set press, before computers), a pre-med student, a “paid” illustrator, a communications major, a voice-over artist, a professional carpenter, a professional stage-hand (at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City… boy, that’s another story!), a conservatory-program graduate student with the finest Meisner acting teacher in the country, a “New York” actor, a small-business owner, a movie junkie, an “obsessed” golfer (still!), a computer teacher, an “Enterprise” software sales representative, a CRM (Customer Relations Management) software “geek,” a Director of Marketing and Sales Operations… and soon, a voice-over artist and actor again!

Nothing has been wasted, nothing has been lost… everything has brought me to this moment (that will always be true!)… to this crossroads in my life.

In the words of Antonio in the Tempest, “what’s past is prologue; what to come, In yours and my discharge.”

So… on we go!


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